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By Youngian
Good news if Ed Balls wants to return at the next GE but his candidature in a high profile by-election introduces unnecessary unknowns, as Donald Rumsfeld might have said. Like the Tories making the campaign about their fictitious interpretation of Ed’s period in office. Balls sold the gold and ran out of money. And if he can’t retake his old seat from Andrea Jenkyn in 2024, it was right to give him a swerve in Wakefield.
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By Crabcakes
For comedy value alone, here’s where the cheerleader brigade are currently at: shilling for Pidcock’s new project, while suggesting a course of action that will shore up the Tory vote (and of course, without a shred of irony demanding we all do the polar opposite of what they demanded we all do when the absolute boy was in charge).

Exceptionalism even Johnson would be proud of. YOU must suck it up, vote for Corbyn and give him 110% of your never-critical support. I will not vote for the democratically elected new leader of the Labour Party, even in full awareness of the outright evil of Johnson’s government, because my morals and ideology are worth more than yours.

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