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By kreuzberger
Mailwatch is back, of sorts.

Despite Timbo's best efforts and negotiations, it has become clear that the original Mailwatch, all the backups, and all our bons mots were lost in the fire that destroyed our hosts' premises in Strasbourg.

That this could happen in 2021 is as remarkable as it is disastrous. But we are where we are.

It gives our community to rebuild and to try to regain some of the camaraderie of old, so let's do just that.

In practical terms, everyone will need to re-register and, in order to keep the spambots at bay, all registrations will need to be manually approved - hopefully, we will be able to achieve this without too much fuss or delay but please be patient.

Our previous standards apply, even if they're not published at the moment, but the main principles remain unchanged. If we stick to these, we'll be fine;

Be nice.
Be interesting.
Fuck the Tories.
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By Nigredo
Many of my deepest thanks to Kreuzy & Timbo for their efforts to get the site up and running again, it genuinely saddened me that I was not able to consult the forum on the interesting times of the last month, and I lament that the vast breadth of discussion of yore has been lost to the great fire. I'll have to hope that Wayback Machine can provide some help in that regard.

Meanwhile, am glad to be back in all of your fine company again :D
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