By soulboy
Two stories today that are attacking private equity.

I'm assuming that the Mail isn't about to go all in with Comrade Jez. Are they setting up the next bogeyman now that they can't blame the EU for the world's ills? Is it a shot across the bows for any ambitious politicians with links to hedge funds and the like?

Pandemic predators' £52bn raid on UK firms: Fears for jobs and pensions as 123 companies fall to fat cat private equity in lockdown plundering spree ... spree.html

Ten deals to make your blood boil: Care homes in crisis, defence firms stripped, and even vet bills sent soaring. How the private equity barons wrought havoc in British buy-ups ... y-ups.html
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By Andy McDandy
As Max Hastings said (see the Johnson thread), the current government are to the left (partly out of necessity) on economic issues and to the right on social ones. Almost the opposite of the Cameron era. Not that different to many far-right organisations, which recognise that their grassroots support is often from the seriously economically fucked over.

Also, there's always been a trend in the Mail etc to go after the unacceptable face of capitalism - usually when PNLU are raking it in.
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