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By Andy McDandy
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/arti ... worse.html

Liz decides to examine the challenges larger people face by wearing a fat suit, as opposed to - oh, I don't know - talking to a few.

It's actually a book plug. Many years after Ugly Betty was a thing (and Bridget Jones before that), she's decided to revisit that territory by writing about an overweight woman working in a glamorous trade.

This stands out though:
Despite being well-informed, spending much of my career as a magazine editor trying to highlight the problem of eating disorders
...followed by...
I was 29. I was 8½ stone: which is now the title of my first novel. The revelation that I was deluded, that extreme thinness is neither beautiful nor healthy, came when I was made editor of a fashion glossy in my early 40s. After the Dior show, I went backstage to be confronted by supermodel Gisele.

Six foot, a teenager in jeans and flip flops, as etiolated as a Giacometti sculpture. I realised I could never be thin enough — and should be encouraging young women not to waste their lives obsessing about food.

That is why I wrote the book, its title my target weight throughout the Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, Noughties.
She says she's 62, so born in 1958/9. Turned 29 in 1987/88. Fair enough. Turned 40 in 1998/99. So yes, there is some potential overlap between her meeting Gisele Bundchen, being a magazine editor, and the "noughties", but not much.

Anyway, she seemingly doesn't learn anything. She decides at the end that we need to be nice to fatties, because they're all self-loathing losers so why make things worse for them. Fuck her.
By davidjay
She's been quite clearly off her trolley lately, dating men she 'met' on Twitter, ranting about her exes and bemoaning the ingratitude of everyone she knows. She gets dog's abuse BTL, but not today. Today most posters agree with her, and why? Because today she's complaining about the NHS.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/ar ... ltant.html
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I remember she was due to leave the Mail a few years ago. Not sure what happened. I remember agreeing with her once. She was talking about gig goers who spend the entire time filming the thing on their mobiles instead of enjoying the experience. I can understand a few photos but I wonder why some people bothered going if they're going to stand there for two hours with phone in raised arm. Especially if it's high profile and the performance is being professionally filmed. Enjoy the moment instead.
By Fz750
I used to agree with the why all the constant filming.

Until last night.

Have just been to my first big gig since the start of the pandemic. Bring Me The Horizon at Birmingham NIA ... A band my son got me into a number of years ago as revenge to all the old foggies I take him to. Now this is a band for younger people 20 -30 year olds so mobile phones are everywhere. Also compared with the rock concerts I went to at that age much more balanced between the sexes.

So a lot of phones in the air.

Then I noticed the number of these set to video with the little red box that says ready to record ...but not recording yet .. the timer.

Then I saw that these were being used by the smaller people in the audience. They were being used to actually see the stage. So rather than distancing them from the experience they were being used to enhance it... still being able to stand in the throng of the crowd ... rather than stuck at the back watching on the screens.

So again Liz Jones was/is wrong.
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