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By Boiler
satnav wrote: Sat Aug 14, 2021 10:06 pm In reality I think her daughter didn't get good grades and now Sarah and Michael are lobbying the school to have the grades changed.
My parents paid to have my A-level physics paper re-marked as I couldn't believe the grade - "E". Most of us that year had remarkably low grades which surprised even the teachers - but back in the early 80s it was assumed that university entry was managed by adjusting the grade thresholds. Whether that was true or not I don't know. The comment accompanying the re-marked paper (the grade stood) has remained with me to this day:

"The candidate would appear to have but a superficial knowledge of the subject."

Maybe Michael and Sarah should just suck it up, as I did. Bitterly disappointed that I wasn't heading to Imperial to study computer science, I declined clearance and put myself on the job market, knowing that clearly I hadn't got the brains for the rigours of further education.

And wasn't 1983 a lovely time to be unemployed? Down the office every fortnight on my bike to collect me supplementary...
By Bones McCoy
satnav wrote: Sat Aug 14, 2021 10:06 pm More utter drivel from Vine

New class divide that shames Britain: Months of lost learning and mental anguish made this week's record grade gap between private and state pupils one of the bitterest legacies of Covid, says SARAH VINE - whose daughter was among those who paid the price

Whilst Covid has caused a major disruption to learning many of the measure her husband introduced when he was Education Secretary caused even more disruption especially for working class kids and kids with special needs.

Her claim that her daughter ' paid the price' should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Vine claims that her daughter got good grades in her 'A' levels but due to an admin error on the part of the school they sent the wrong results off to UCAS and now her daughter has lost her place at university. Funnily enough she was the only student in the school who fell victim to the admin error. In reality I think her daughter didn't get good grades and now Sarah and Michael are lobbying the school to have the grades changed.
Medicine man say.
Ignorant people never see Wolf until it shits in their teepee.
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By Bones McCoy
The sharp-elbowed don't "suck it up".

Let's hark back to the happy times/columns when Sarah's offspring rubbed shoulders with the sons and daughters of actors, diplomats, and the Beckhams (or similar shit).
Yeah, those free schools were great - innit.

You know what Sarah - THERE'S STILL CLEARING!!!
Dive in and haggle with the plebs for that last pace at Wrexham Glyndwr!
By Youngian
Andy McDandy wrote: Sun Aug 15, 2021 12:28 pm Imagine the shame and misfortune of being the child of Vine and Gove. Not just the obvious reasons, but having your life laid out in public for all the world to see.
To be fair, Vine hasn't been pimping out her daughter in the Mail as much as Shona Sibery's long suffering kids. I'd like to hear more from young Miss Gove.

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By Malcolm Armsteen
Apparently Vine earns over £200k annually for her drivel.
Sarah Vine’s salary from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday has long been speculated upon, but it now seems fair to assume the columnist is not on less than £200,000 a year.

Accounts just in at Companies House for the Balby Group – the private company that Vine, pictured, uses as the receptacle for her journalistic earnings – show it secured a £50,000 bounce-back loan.

To qualify for such a loan, small and medium-sized businesses can borrow between £2,000 and 25% of their turnover, which would mean hers would have to be around the £200,000 mark.

The estranged wife of Michael Gove was closer to Paul Dacre than Geordie Greig – his successor as editor of the Daily Mail – but she is considered unsackable on account of her much-vaunted friendship with Claudia Rothermere, the wife of the newspaper’s proprietor.
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