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By Andy McDandy
So is the reasonably thorough introduction to the major works of English poetry and literature which anyone destined for university used to get. So is the teaching of narrative English history or simple geography.
Learning poems by rote.

Kings, battles and dates.

Colouring in countries.

All Hitchens is doing is displaying his own profound ignorance. "I am smart, it's the questions that got tough!".

And throughout, his basic thread is that only Anglo civilisation and culture is worth studying. Foreign flags? Rubbish. Women artists? Rubbish. Mesoamerican civilisations? You get the drift. Oh, and:
Paxman almost certainly had to read every word that Shakespeare wrote as part of his English degree at Cambridge 50-odd years ago
No he almost certainly bloody didn't. It's not a fucking memory test.
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By Cyclist
In which our hero has a fit of the vapours over Sinn Fein's performance at the polls this week. With this political analysis he shows once again that there is no start to his talents.

It is now clear even to the dimmest that the IRA have won in Northern Ireland.

Their political poodle, Sinn Fein, has toppled the Democratic Unionists as the largest party in the Stormont Assembly.

It is hard to see how this will not now lead, in the fullness of time, to the transfer of the Six Counties of Northern Ireland to Dublin rule...

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... t-IRA.html
...So here it comes, and it will be a hugely significant moment in British and European history when it does. Because despite all the blather about ‘Good Friday’ and democracy, the handover of Northern Ireland to Dublin is the direct and undoubted result of a long campaign of ruthless murder, which the USA did not perhaps hamper or oppose quite as vigorously as it might have done.

It will be the first transfer of territory as a result of violence in Western Europe since 1945...
There's nothing like a bit of swivel-eyed pearl-clutching to set me giggling.
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By Watchman
I’m surprised he didn’t manage to shoehorn in - everything is the fault of marijuana, and the fact he goes to evensong
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By davidjay
Watchman wrote: Sun May 08, 2022 6:15 pm I’m surprised he didn’t manage to shoehorn in - everything is the fault of marijuana, and the fact he goes to evensong
If the Prods hadn't been given marijuana by those devious Fenians they would be outbreeding the Papists and everyone would be happy.
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By Andy McDandy
Comes from sending their kids to the comp, where they learn all about condoms and don't do enough learning worthy and improving poetry by rote.

Also he has a dig at "lefties" for apparently banning a film (which he got a copy of anyway) because it says bad things about communism. Apparently you can't make films like that any more. Someone please inform Hollywood, or just bung him a copy of the Death of Stalin (IIRC he had a whinge about that because it was making light of something that was no laughing matter, evidence that he either didn't watch it, or didn't get it).
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