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By Youngian
Ideally commission a health correspondent to expose Labour lies. But as none are available and deadline's looming get Glover to bash something out. He exposes the real cuprit of this lefty propaganda; Red Nick Robinson.
Ignore the BBC and Labour shroud-wavers. The NHS is not in crisis... and Boris Johnson is right to stand firm in the face of their hysteria

Meanwhile, on BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme, hysteria was being whipped up.

Presenter Nick Robinson informed listeners in sepulchral tones that 'the Prime Minister was forced to acknowledge yesterday that the NHS is under huge pressure'.

Why forced? Didn't he choose to say what he said?

Mr Robinson then interviewed a GP from Oldham who happened to be a Labour councillor. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... risis.html
By Rosvanian
Glover seems to be the DM's go-to man when it needs someone to go over the top to defend the indefensible. Every week he tackles his assignment with shameless glee despite clearing knowing nothing about his subject matter. He comfortably makes my top 10 of despicable DM twats.
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By Abernathy
Yep. I was listening. James has a knack of doing this sort of thing, bless him, and he is so genuine and sincere. He totally demolished Glover’s shit simply by dint of getting the truth from people at the sharp end.
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By kreuzberger
If you're a paramedic there, you're used to scraping bits of human off the A1(M) and reassembling them for identification and a respectful funeral. Aye, you're that fucking hard.

Imagine being so battered by the wider conditions of your job that you then sob on national live radio.

Nothing less than a Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be enough for when these sociopaths are finally out of office.
By Oboogie
The All New KevS wrote: Thu Jan 06, 2022 2:10 pm I don't know if LBC has a listen again thing, but if they do, listen to the hour between 11 and 12 with James O'brien, which looked at this, and culminated with a paramedic in absolute pieces about the way things are. If you're anything like me, you'll be shedding a tear.
LBC have a listen again - Google James O'Brien Gobalplayer
Personally I prefer this YouTube channel as it edits out the ads.

The segment Kev is talking about starts at 1:02:33 and continues on Part 2.
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By satnav
In the run up to Christmas the uptake of booster jams and vaccine was extremely high mainly fuelled by people wanting to be as safe as possible when attending family gatherings and parties. Since Christmas there has been a sharp fall in people going for boosters. Article's like Glover's and many more in the Mail which playdown how bad things are help to fuel the idea that boosters aren't really need and people can carry on as normal without having to worry about Covid.

Whilst the Mail clearly wants to get rid of all restrictions as soon as possible ironically what they are actually doing is helping to prolong the pandemic.
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