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By Oblomov
Andy McDandy wrote: Fri May 14, 2021 8:20 am https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... craft.html

A D-Day reenactment has been cancelled. Cue the standard copy and paste job about elf and safety, starting as General Montgomery doing a stirring speech, before turning into the standard flight attendant/fairground barker spiel he does for everything.

Sad to say I ended up giving it a page click to satisfy my professional curiosity. Completely pointless drek written by a "common sense" pub bore who's never spoken to a H&S auditor for other "common sense" pub bores who have never spoken to H&S auditors. And let's not even go into the checklist of dogwhistle nastiness.

I expect his response to Grenfell Inquiry developments would be to roll his eyes and drawl "Why didn't they just leave the building, getting away from a fire is common sense innit?"
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By Andy McDandy
IIRC he didn't even touch it. Even he could see that going after the dead, or the emergency services, would go down like a barrel of cold sick; and he couldn't take aim at the building owners or the council because of obvious reasons. He's not very brave.
By davidjay
Andy McDandy wrote: Tue May 18, 2021 1:28 pm IIRC he didn't even touch it. Even he could see that going after the dead, or the emergency services, would go down like a barrel of cold sick; and he couldn't take aim at the building owners or the council because of obvious reasons. He's not very brave.
His sort never are. They never stray far from their flat roof pubs, or golf club bars, or anywhere their views won't be challenged.
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By Andy McDandy
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... ffins.html

Back from a break and taking aim at the scientists for causing holiday chaos. Scientists! Tssch, with their fancy lab coats and crazy hair!

Missing the point, obviously deliberately. Government scientific advisors do not make decisions. He's setting up this situation where any good decisions* are made by Johnson or the average person, and any bad ones by "the scientists". It's first draft of history vs tomorrow's fish wrapper again. No, all decisions are made by the same people - the government. Sometimes they will do things you disagree with. Grow up and dare to criticise them.

Other news covered includes Britt Ekland having some cosmetic surgery, a giggle about upskirting (ha ha, men being sexually harassed, isn't it a hoot?), and a look back at the halcyon days of his reporting career, when coming up with any old bollocks to justify your assignment and expenses tab was considered a fine journalistic principle. Oh, and some Dad's Army stuff.

*Good and bad having the meaning of "depending on their direct benefit to me".
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By Andy McDandy
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... eniks.html

Man who files 2 pieces of copy and pasted whinge a week from beside his home swimming pool complains about others not returning to work in offices.

As ever, wilfully not getting it. Companies that spent thousand before Covid on office space and which have maintained productivity during it, have no incentive to return to such a set-up. To put it bluntly, the office worker is not the city centre landowner's bitch.

As for his arguments, we've seen this all before. What about the poor sandwich makers? The bar staff? The burger flippers? The sad office wankers who love doing wacky office hi-jinks? Comments suggest he's really not read the room well. Aside from a few people complaining about "young people wanting everything on a plate", he's getting plenty of flak from others pointing out that when all you've got are threats of sackings to back you up, you're not in a very strong position. Also, many older workers have benefited from WFH.

He also does some half hearted "jokes" about things, and some more on the golden days of journalism, which by his own admission was staying in the pub and making shit up.
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By Andy McDandy
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... sages.html

Littlejohn the international relations expert weighs in on the US/UK relationship, Northern Ireland, and oooh, look at those big American cars.
Naturally, Biden is concerned about preserving the Good Friday Agreement. Who isn’t, apart from a few republican and loyalist hardliners?
But this is a Disneyfied, Finnegans Wake view of the world, which tends to see Ireland from a fiddly-diddly, Free State perspective and ignores the sensibilities of those in the North who remain proud to be British red, white and blue.
Oh, and apparently the NI protocol was entirely the fault of Theresa May. Who knew?
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By Andy McDandy
He may have heard the song. I doubt he realises that for a good part Joyce was railing against the exact Paddywhackery Littlejohn indulges in, and that many of his works were pleas for the Irish to get their shit together and dispense with the stereotypes.
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By Andy McDandy
It's a drinking song:

Raise your tankards, let's get wankered
All get in a drunken state
Wasn't it the truth I tell you
Loads of fun at Finnegan's wake?
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