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By Tubby Isaacs
I'm going to defend Jones here. His Corbynism is irritating to me, but I think he deserves credit for his trans rights stuff. One story doing the rounds among the gender critical (I'm using that to mean hardline people, not eg people who see practical difficulties) is that a girl had to leave a school after she was bullied by 60 schoolkids because she asked a question about sex at a lecture on gender.

Jones has tried to ascertain whether this is true. It seems almost too perfect an anecdote, and sources seem a bit thin (and all anonymous). I think he's smart enough, and he'd probably do a decent job tracking this down- I'd rather he did this rather than write columns. He's had a load of horrible shit chucked at him.
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By Abernathy
Yes, agreed. His work on trans rights can be good, though he does also seem to subscribe to the “no quarter” aggressive school of thought that deploys instant , knee-jerk, vitriolic attacks on those (see JK Rowling) daring to voice mildly divergent opinions on matters of sex, gender, and identity.
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By Tubby Isaacs
The Weeping Angel wrote: Fri May 20, 2022 3:51 pm Yes because he's ignoring the struggles that women face for equality and how this is a conflict that is more complex than either side is making out.
I'm with you on the second part, but the first part, I don't get at all I'm afraid.

He's saying there are lots in common between trans rights now and gay rights in the 80s. Nothing to do with ignoring sexism.
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By Cyclist
I think the boy Jones isn't talking out of his arse for once.

The courage of Britain’s train drivers might provide the inspiration for other workers to fight back against low pay

https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... rs-low-pay
...The Bank of England governor, Andrew Bailey, has pleaded for workers to exercise “pay restraint”: an easy demand to make when you’re paid half a million each year, rather than say a care worker on £17,000, nearly 30 times less. However, surging prices have not been caused by rising wages, but by supply chain issues in China, rising energy costs and companies taking home windfall profits.

The response of workers to a crisis imposed upon them should not be stoic acceptance of their lot. We’ve had, regrettably, far too much of that. According to the High Pay Centre, the median CEO is paid 111 times more than the lowest-paid worker. We spend tens of billions of pounds a year on in-work benefits and personal debt has ballooned to unprecedented levels...
...Expect an escalating media blitz against the unions. Ours is a society in which working-class people are demonised for being too weak – for supposedly languishing in poverty because of a lack of aspiration; and for being too strong – for daring to fight for a just share of the wealth they create with their hard graft.

Yes, strikes are inconvenient, but is a day of disruption a more painful intrusion into millions of lives than leaving working people without enough money to pay their bills or feed their families?...
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