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By Youngian
News is off limits to pundits on LBC and these presenter are expected to conduct interviews with journalistic rigour. That’s as far as the rules on impartiality should be stretched. GB News and Talk TV are in RT territory.
But over time, there was an understanding that these rules were actually looser than initially thought. Broadcasters realized that you could have different hosts with different political opinions on at different times to achieve balance, such as talk radio station LBC having the politically left-leaning James O’Brien on in the morning, followed by the more right-leaning Iain Dale later on in the evening.
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By Boiler
Goodbye to the age of rage: why Piers Morgan’s outrage journalism is flopping

The “legacy” media have long since been infected by the same virus. The best news broadcasting, it seems to me, is necessarily based around reporting. Its polar opposite is exemplified by the insane levels of attention paid by orthodox news outlets to such people as Farage and Laurence Fox, and the comically mouthy pundits – from both left and right – who endlessly appear on TV news channels, and aim to sooner or later make it on to BBC One’s Question Time. The first demands resources, time, care and attention; punditry and polemic, by contrast, require little more than cab fares and paltry appearance fees. Herein lies one overlooked danger in the government’s hostility to the BBC and its plans to privatise Channel 4: if broadcasting is left to the market, the reduction of news to “talk” will only accelerate.
But the best example is surely Boris Johnson and his colleagues’ increasingly tedious “war on woke”, whereby ministers sound off about the evils of working from home, the sanctity of statues and whatever else, and their words dissolve into the same white noise that emanates from the mouths of Morgan et al. Herein lies a model of government copied from Donald Trump, whereby leaders are not there to actually do anything, but to endlessly orchestrate outrage and division to their advantage.
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By Spoonman
satnav wrote: Fri May 27, 2022 10:33 pm Apparently Piers Morgan is taking a six week sabbatical from Talk TV. In the words of Cyril Smith 'Why can't he just piss off on holiday like anybody else?'
It'll be a good laugh if the ratings on his regular weekday evening slot actually go up while he's gone.
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