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By Malcolm Armsteen
Iknow they are working under severe constraints, but do they have to employ people of no talent whatsoever? A sad story, treated with a lack of respect by an untalented hack who seems capable of writing only in cliché.
A woman has died after taking ill while visiting the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park this afternoon (Wednesday, May 26).

Images of a significant emergency services presence including paramedics from the London Ambulance Service and officers with the Metropolitan Police circulated on social media Wednesday afternoon amid speculation that someone was being treated by first responders at the scenic garden.

Royal Parks Police later tweeted to confirmed their presence at the scene, and soon posted an update confirming that the woman, who was in her 80s, had sadly passed away.
Those of you who have trained as journos, whaddya think?
By Youngian
Police press offices put out sketchy briefs of the day’s events which reporters are expected to follow up. Or just cut and paste if you have no time and fill the space with some creative ‘background’. This uncreative reporter was in a desperate hurry.

Police used answer phone messages back in the day but Twitter is a better medium for these comms messages. Coppers on the whole are good at Tweets. Its probably a skill they picked up from inventing succinct notes in the canteen.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
I get all that, it was the shocking mess he made of it that offended me.

died after taking ill
Images of a significant emergency services presence
officers with the Metropolitan Police
circulated on social media
amid speculation
someone was being treated by first responders at the scenic garden.

tweeted to confirmed their presence
posted an update

It's not even like it's his second or third language.
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By Cyclist
Local journalism at it's best.

Posted online at half past one yesterday afternoon

Snow falls in Luton as Met Office issue UK weather warning

Winter weather has finally arrived in the county and it could be a frosty start on Wednesday...

...Today, Bedfordshire can expect snow till around 3pm with highs of four degrees.

However, it is not currently settling as it's too wet. ... 438459.amp
By Youngian
No word on what drink he bought

Hollywood A-lister John Travolta spotted shopping in Fakenham Morrisons

Gary Middleton, 48, is a part-time security guard at the store and bumped into Travolta near the bread counter.

Mr Middleton said: "I didn't even go up to him, he just came up to me and shook my hand. We had a really nice chat."

Morrisons was not the only place to get a visit from the star. Travolta also dropped in for a drink at the Wetherspoons in Dereham on Thursday night. ... -morrisons
By soulboy
Dog owner's horror after bird of prey attacks chihuahua ... chihuahua/
FEARS have been raised for child safety after a woman claimed a bird of prey swooped and tried to grab - her CHIHUAHUA.

The bird, which she says was a buzzard or red kite, apparently drive-bombed the woman's small pet.
SHOUTY text, random punctuation, an accidental double entendre and a potential eggcorn in the first two sentences.
The local resident fears small pets in the area could be at risk but is equally worried about the risk to small children - advising people not to feed them.
Don't feed small children?
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