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By Abernathy
I lost patience with the boy Jones some time ago - I think it was during the Batley & Spen by-election when he decided to big up that nasty racist, anti-Labour bastard George Galloway by giving him an interview. Jones subsequently failed to disguise his disappointment when Labour held the seat at the by-election.

It's the sheer brazen hypocrisy of the man that really gets my goat . The whole "Don't blame me, guv - I'm just an ordinary, honest jobbing journalist doing my job" crap. He isn't. He is a fully paid-up, disruptive, card-carrying Trot. His open hostility to the current Labour leadership is now well beyond a joke. Hardly a day goes by without him having a pop at Keir Starmer for whatever reason he can find. His latest, thoroughly disingenuous piece excoriates Starmer for not having an instant, detailed, costed, "oven-ready" (he didn't actually use the Boris-ism but he may as well have done) alternative three years away from the election is a case in point. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... mer-tories

It's only recently that I discovered that his parents got together when they were both members of Militant tendency back in the 1980s (and presumably expelled from the Labour Party under Kinnock's initiative). It may explain a lot about young Squealer's thinking. He'll never be happy with Starmer, because he isn't Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell (Squealer used to work for McDonnell and has an abiding affection for him. He is at least correct in his assessment that McDonnell is several country miles more capable and intelligent than the eejit Corbyn).

Jones is - let's just say it bluntly - an enemy of the Labour Party. At the moment, he is helping the Tories, not Labour, as all Trots tend to do.
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By Arrowhead
I've generally been quite fond of Owen over the years, but I will admit some of his more recent pronouncements have been rather clumsy and over the top. In fact, just this past week he posted a video on YouTube decrying Labour's imaginary "War On LGBTQ and Young People", which seems to be a reference to the fact that the party is (finally) taking disciplinary action against Jess Barnard.

I understand the points he is making, but why the need to frame it as some sort of ongoing conflict being waged by the current leadership?
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By Boiler
Arrowhead wrote: Sun Sep 12, 2021 2:41 pm [...] which seems to be a reference to the fact that the party is (finally) taking disciplinary action against Jess Barnard.
O rly?

https://labourlist.org/2021/09/young-la ... ia-tweets/
Update, 8pm: A Labour spokesperson said: “We apologise unreservedly to Jess for the hurt and upset this has caused.” LabourList understands that Jess Barnard is not under investigation, the notice of investigation was issued in error and has been rescinded, and Labour has apologised to her. The notice was apparently sent outside of the usual processes and the party is looking into how the ‘error’ happened.
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By Abernathy
Squealer has become quite melodramatically hysterical. This can only be a good sign for Labour.
The Labour leadership is reintroducing the electoral college to elect the next leader, meaning MPs' votes will be worth hundreds of times more than Labour members.

Here's what it means.

It means - conclusively - that Keir Starmer and his team lied their way to the Labour leadership, when they promised party unity, not to "trash" the 4 years preceding his victory, and to end internal navel gazing.

They wouldn't have won if they'd be honest about their intentions.

It means many will ask that if the Labour leadership are willing to lie their way into power in the party, they will do so again and again.

British democracy has been corrupted by liars and charlatans like Boris Johnson. How is the Labour leadership able to argue it is different?

It means that the Labour leadership have only a strategy to crush the left: they have, as they have shown, no strategy to defeat the Tories.

But millions of voters under the age of 40 are attracted to ideas of the left. Labour is now telling them to go and take a jump.

It means Keir Starmer's leadership is dead.

You'd only rig the leadership rules in a hurry if you were scared a leadership election soon would allow a candidate you don't like to win.

The Labour right privately say Starmer is a loser and will now feel safe in replacing him.

The Tories have presided over tens of thousands of needless deaths, multiple scandals and a war against working class people, e.g. by cutting Universal Credit.

Labour let them get away with it all, and are only interested in waging war on their own party.

Here's what the Labour leadership are achieving: simultaneously completely failing to win over older Tory-leaning voters while repelling younger voters.

They may win this particular battle.

But Keir Starmer is set to be king of the ashes, and nothing more.
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