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By Bones McCoy
satnav wrote: Thu Apr 28, 2022 10:39 pm I watched a bit of the Jeremy Kyle show earlier and it was pretty dire. He was predicted that Keir Starmer would eventually get a fixed penalty fine and this would 'level up the field with Boris Johnson'. Thankfully his fellow host pointed out that it was very unlikely that this would happen.

Kyle doesn't appear to realise that if the police in Durham can be pressured into reopening the Starmer case then eventually similar pressure could be put on the Met to issue further fines to Boris Johnson.
How the fuck is disgraced former broadcaster Jeremy Kyle anywhere near the pointy end of a television camera.
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By Spoonman
'ccording to Guido Fawkes (so a large pinch of salt to be taken), Morgan's show yesterday evening had a peak audience of 75.8k viewers, beaten by Wootton later in the evening on KGBN which peaked at 79.7k.

Meanwhile, preceding Morgan's show, Tom Newtown-Dunn's "The News Desk" scored an average viewership of 3.6k viewers! :o

Usual KGBN heads and fanbois are trumpeting around at anyone who'll listen on getting rating "wins", but they're essentially like the drunk slob coming out of a pub howling at his mate for throwing up & not keeping his drink down while having already shat his own trousers.
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