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By Boiler
Well, given that outside of television hours it'll carry (I assume) a webcam feed of TalkRadio, and TalkRadio will carry a sound feed of TalkTV during TV programme hours...

I listened (note: not watched) to a little bit of KGBNews the other day; I noticed it was quite 'live' acoustically, like no-one had considered damping reflections where they gob off from.

What a surprise.
By Youngian
Tom N-D and Morgan do have proper journalistic chops if they care to use them instead of Tweeting about wokes. Sharon Osbourne though, is she on loan from Kerrang?
7:00pm The News Desk with Tom Newton-Dunn

News UK’s specialist journalists from print and broadcast will join Tom every night to share the very latest in their fields. Including reports from The Times‘s political team and The Sun‘s showbiz desk. Sports news will be provided by talkSPORT‘s correspondents, while business comes from reporters from across News Corp’s titles.

8:00pm Piers Morgan Uncensored

Live from Ealing, the show promises to celebrate ‘free speech’ with lively debate, big-name interviews and “plenty of fun”.

9:00pm The Talk with Sharon Osbourne

The panel debate will bring together five opinionated famous faces – all from different backgrounds and with differing views – to debate the most interesting stories of the day.
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By MisterMuncher
My deep, abiding fondness for Ozzy and liking his being alive, which is largely due to Sharon can't really offset the fact that she's an absolute abscess of a person.

She's been fucking over his collaborators for decades now, it was inevitable she'd slip on her arse in a more public forum than the metal fraternity and I'm absolutely delighted to see it.
By Youngian
Murdoch’s happy to put business before his own daft views. Is there any demand for more right wing populist anger now their government is in power and making an unprecedented balls up? GBNews’s pitiful ratings suggest not as they’re now reduced to ranting about statues and Gary Neville. That doesn’t look like the road Morgan is treading. He’d rather have James O’Brien’s numbers than Dan Wooton’s
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By Spoonman
Talk TV launched on Monday night. Let's see how their big hitter, Piers "Clarkson didn't twat him anywhere near hard enough" Morgan has been getting on with his first two 8pm shows...

Two things...

(a) a drop of 100k viewers for Morgan after his first night!
(b) Even allowing for its also-ran ratings, it looks like KGB News has little to fear in the short term from Murdoch trying to butt in on them.
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