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By Tubby Isaacs
I've no idea who this bloke is, but he seems to show up BTL the line a lot sticking it to liberals for not being as clever as he is.

Here he shows up to goad, Sam Freedman, who worked full time for lefty liberal Michael Gove in the DfE.

Am I missing something? Did the Guardian just make something up, or did Birbalsingh?

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By Tubby Isaacs
Boiler wrote: Sun May 22, 2022 10:11 pm The second I see "Substack" is my cue to lose interest.
More for you here.

There's a dig at at a lefty liberal law professor (whose tweet he misreads by rather overlooking the bit that he was objecting to- not flags for the jubilee in Regent Street but the suggestions all streets should look like that all the time).

Then a dig at Gary Lineker who says merely that he's patriotic, but doesn't particularly care for flags- that's Lineker "trying to look good with people who already agree with you". I dunno, it's fairly interesting to me that somebody who was surrounded by flags when he played for England says they don't do anything for him.

Some cliches about leftwing politicians losing because they don't seem patriotic enough- Corbyn didn't, but what about every other one? ... iotism?s=w

It finishes at that but point, but I'll take a guess that it says "reappropriate patriotism" or something which has been said many times before.
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