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Andy McDandy wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 7:03 am I think David Mitchell got closest on HIGNFY. The news is by and large boring, so people feel the need to jazz it up and make it controversial and something people are talking about. Hence the increasing tabloidisation.
Sky do similar with football. They can't just preview, show and analyse a match. There has to be a soap opera-esque narrative to the broadcast. Most of the time now, the following day's football news isn't about the match, it's about what the pundits said about the match in their usual over-dramatic way.*

*points accusatory finger at Neville and Carragher.
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By Andy McDandy
"It's the first time these two teams have met since 1953! Can Fulchester United break the curse and beat Grimethorp?".

Who knows or cares? Everyone involved last time is either retired or dead.
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By Andy McDandy
On the Patel one, it's so they can (with a reasonably straight face) report that "Mrs Patel declined to deny that she was a bully", and let the readers fill in the gaps.
By Oboogie
AOB wrote: Sun Jun 06, 2021 10:35 am Marr interviewing Hancock, referring to Cummings recent comments, asked if he had lied.

Reminds me of the reporter calling out to Patel in Downing Street last year; "Are you a bully, Ms Patel?"

What answer do they expect?

A cheery "Certainly am! Woe betide the minion who crosses my path! Catch ya later."
It gets him to double down on the lie in front of a (presumably) larger audience.
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Marr thinks the vaccination programme is too slow now. I've no idea what the staff and volunteers who have been working their socks off would make of his comments. He could always volunteer himself, instead of poncing around art galleries looking at Monet paintings, or visiting Cornish pubs as he says he's been doing this weekend.
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