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Andrew Marr hints at BBC exit due to frustration with impartiality

I don't really get why he is implying it's unfair he can't speak his mind. It's his job to be impartial. It's like a Radio 3 presenter moaning that they can't blast out a bit of Megadeath or Cradle of Filth occasionally. If you don't like what you have been asked to do then leave.
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I find him a bit "tabloidy" dramatic at times in his utterances. There's certainly a gap in the TV presenter market for a skilled political interviewer. Paxman fell for his own hype and it became all about him. I can't stand Morgan but he does have the raw tools there,; his problem is he plays to the gallery, talks over political interviewees and the talk afterwards is invariably always about Morgan, rather than the interviewee. There is a skilled balancing act required, you're in danger of not getting anyone to go agree to an interview if you show them up. You don't want a soft interviewer either. I want to see an interviewer, like a mild mannered unassuming highly skilled QC cross examining a lying witness, give bullshitters enough rope to hang themselves by their own words, rather than brow beat them.
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By Andy McDandy
I think David Mitchell got closest on HIGNFY. The news is by and large boring, so people feel the need to jazz it up and make it controversial and something people are talking about. Hence the increasing tabloidisation.
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By Bones McCoy
There was a time when I had high hopes for Emma Barnett, she was good at holding interviewee's feet to the fire.

Like Paxmann, she concentrated on her biggest weapon (the gotcha) question - to the exclusion of all her other strengths.
After that the Gotchas became predictable, absurd, and prone to sound like bullying.
She also came across as extremely biased on certain identity issues.

I guess the career of the star interviewer is littered with traps.
Bias, and believing your own legend being two of the hardest to avoid.
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