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By Bones McCoy
Cyclist wrote: Wed May 11, 2022 9:00 am There must be some really infantile adults out there if this is how they react when told a truth they don't like.

And this:

Countryfile is always trying to ram nonsense down people's throats
1. Just because you don't like hearing something doesn't automatically make it nonsense.
2. If Countryfile really is that bad just stop watching it. There's no punishment for doing so. Viewing is not compulsory.
Also 3: Fuck right off Trolls.
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By Cyclist

The BBC has agreed to pay £30,000 in damages to a British Bangladeshi Labour councillor after it mixed her up with Apsana Begum in a news item about the MP facing housing fraud charges.

Pictures of Liza Begum at an event to launch Labour’s 2019 race and faith manifesto were broadcast on BBC London News during an exchange on 29 October 2020, in which the BBC London political correspondent said: “This is Apsana Begum … she faces three charges of dishonesty.”

Although the correspondent said that Apsana Begum, who is also British Bangladeshi, had vigorously contested the “false and malicious allegations” – she would later be acquitted – the BBC admitted that the meaning of the BBC One broadcast was that “there are reasonable grounds to suspect that [Liza Begum] had engaged in housing fraud”.

A statement read out in court on Tuesday said: “The misidentification caused Ms Begum particular distress because it seemed another example of the BBC, and the media generally, misidentifying BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) people, which fed into racist tropes.

“She was particularly distressed that the confusion was of two women of colour appearing at a race and faith event, and that nobody in the BBC corrected it before the film of her was broadcast.”...

https://amp.theguardian.com/media/2022/ ... ity-mix-up
A mistake worthy of Nadine Dorries.
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