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By Boiler
Samanfur wrote: Fri May 06, 2022 11:03 pm
satnav wrote: Fri May 06, 2022 6:16 pm Laura Kuenssburg's summary of the local election results could not have been more one sided. Lots of talk about how the results were not too bad for the Tories given that they have been in power for 12 years. She then went on to big up the police investigation into Starmer. She really needs to start wearing a blue rosette.
It's her last day. She probably cared even less than usual.
Where's she pissing off to?
By Oboogie
Speaking of the biased BBC, just catching up on this excellent demolishing of the government's PPE procurement. Mad Nad would be issuing threats again..... if Radio 4 plays weren't too high culture for the *checks notes* "Culture Secretary". PS. It's funny too!

"Politics, Philosophy and Economics

February 2020 a new sales drive is being planned at Union Jax, a “an ironic-patriotic novelty souvenir and confectionery” company run by young entrepreneurs Stuart and Jacqueline. Orders and profits are soaring, but they are concerned about the impact of the likely closure in lockdown of shops they supply.

In March, their fears are confirmed, with the high streets around the world closed. They are trying to mitigate losses by increasing their digital footprint, when they receive a phone call from Eugene, who identifies himself as a special adviser to the government. What does he specially advise them on? “Procurement.” Are they familiar with the term “PPE”? The government needs billions of items, and the suitably patriotically named “Union Jax” feels just like the sort of dynamic start-up that should be providing some of it. Would they like to tender?

The amazed young executives point out that their expertise is more in the line of cakes and biscuits in the shape of London landmarks or marzipan models of the Royal Family. Shouldn’t they be using people who know about this stuff? But Eugene assures them that this government doesn’t do things the way they’ve always been done. They think outside the box.

But as deadlines draw near and Union Jax discovers itself way out of its depth when it comes to PPE, the Good Law Project comes calling. Exactly why have millions been spaffed on these neophyte incompetents? And, awkwardly, neither Stuart nor Jacqueline can provide a credible answer.

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics by Mark Lawson"

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