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By Boiler
Killer Whale wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:00 pm Got a couple of paragraphs in and it repeats the moronic fallacy that Blair started the Iraq war rather than tagging along on Bush's coat tails. Pointless continuing after that.
This grumpy git always saw Blair as clinging on to Bush's coat tails in that debacle in order to have his "Falklands Moment".
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By Killer Whale
I don't know. I thought at the time that his real fear was that the US would go it alone anyway, and that would leave them dangerously isolated on the world stage. From this distance I think I may have been giving him a little too much credit, but it will be a while before the real truth comes out.
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By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 2:30 pm And religion. He was preparing to convert to Rome and Bush did the 'Christian Duty' thing on him. But it's good to restate that he was the follower, not the instigator.
Something that gets lost in the "Dodgy Dossier" noise, which doesn't help. Saying Blair was following Bush does him no favours with the far-left either but they'd only agree with the Sainted Jeremy's position anyway.

I thought Miliband called it right the last time, despite the amount of fire that drew.
By Youngian
Tubby Isaacs wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 10:02 pm Here's the Nation's contribution.
What a wrong ‘un seeking power instead of going on anti-Vietnam demos.
An institutionalist from the start, he (Biden) instead looked to electoral politics—not to bring the politics of his generation into the halls of power so much as to enter them himself.
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