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By Andy McDandy
https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... lege-power

Marina Hyde on form today, taking apart the macho culture in Whitehall.
Here’s another ally on the tough guy’s tough guy: “When we were having all the Brexit battles in parliament he used to compare the remainers who wanted to reverse Brexit to the Japanese soldiers who kept fighting in the jungle decades after the end of the second world war. But now he’s the Japanese soldier in the jungle.” Except, hang on, because he’s also the Viet Cong in the jungle. “It’s like the Americans going into Vietnam,” explained another of Cummings’s friends of the government’s attempt to counter him. “They may be able to drop big bombs, but in a war of attrition, the rebel always wins.” Ooooooooh!

Men are wild, aren’t they? I mean, no offence or anything. But let’s face it. Even so, you’re going to have to settle an argument for me. Which are the biggest dickheads: guys in your workplace who like to think they’re in ‘Nam, or guys in your workplace who like to think they’re in the mafia?
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By RedSparrows
Excellent article.
Even more unfortunately, Johnson is aided and abetted by a generation of Westminster-watchers so addled by polling that they have completely divorced morality from politics. I’m frightfully bored of being told things don’t matter because they didn’t “cut through”, or that this or that horror show is “priced in” to the public’s relationship with Johnson, or that something is irrelevant because “voters don’t care about it”. So what?! Voters don’t care about a lot of things that are, nonetheless, properly important. Yet we’re awash with pundits and politicians who can tell you the electoral price of everything but the value of nothing.
This is also really key, I think. I know I'm shaking my fist at clouds, but this absolute vacuum of principle and the curious engagement with the 'average voter' is astonishingly myopic, and also hypocritical: they want the votes and get them by appealing to 'you know best, yeomanry!', obvs, but they also think the voters are morons and don't give a fucking fuck. But as long as someone else looks more like saying that (step up: Corbyn's cult; 'Labour' more generally in the eyes of the Sun readers) than them, it's all fine.

For all the endless bullshit about common sense, straight talking, telling it like it is, so much of the country is captured in a bubble of absolute fucking fantasy.
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By Andy McDandy
Very much the trick of tabloid news, both in print and on screen.

Flatter the punter, but take the piss out of them. Convince the reader/viewer that they and they alone are in on the joke, like the twat watching Bullseye "ironically".
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By The Weeping Angel
Nick Cohen on Unite

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... id-workers
Last week, solicitors representing Anna Turley threatened to send bailiffs to the head office of Unite in Holborn, central London, with instructions to carry off everything that wasn’t nailed down. Faced with the threat that Len McCluskey, Howard Beckett and the union’s other post-Leninist apparatchiks would have nothing to sit on but overturned crates, Unite handed over its members’ money. Turley received the final part of legal costs of £1.3m and damages of £75,000, compensation for a libel claim that has cost the union between £2m and £2.5m in total.

Turley is not a traditional enemy of organised labour. Until 2019, she was the Labour MP for Redcar. Because she was a “centrist” or “Blairite” or whatever the far left was calling politicians like her at the time, the union falsely claimed, through the Skwawkbox website, that Turley was a cheat who had tried to join a section of the union reserved for the unemployed on “a fraudulent basis”. If it had corrected the mistake and apologised, it would have likely cost union members a few hundred pounds, if that. As it was, Unite wasted several million hiring a ferocious QC, who said of Turley in open court and in the middle of the 2019 election campaign, “she is not fit to be an MP”. She lost her seat. With Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn, it would have gone anyway. But the sight of the most influential union on the left attacking Labour MPs at the moment when Johnson was about to sweep to power says all there is to say about its priorities.

Also last week, for it has been a busy time in the small but vicious world of militant trade unionism, the Labour MP Neil Coyle alleged to the parliamentary commissioner for standards and the certification officer, who regulates trade unions, that Unite was using members’ money to subsidise a string of legal cases. The media picked up his claim that Corbyn had not properly declared financial support from Unite for legal disputes involving antisemitism.
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By Andy McDandy
https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... -osaka#_=_

Marina Hyde on Naomi Osaka, and the many, many issues sporting bodies and the media have - not just with mental health, but their entire "Shut up and play some ball, boy" attitude.
By Bones McCoy
MisterMuncher wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:06 pm In terms of British press sympathy, I can't recall much given to any sportsperson over their mental health issues outside of Tyson Fury (when it was offered as an excuse/reason for him saying some fairly horrible shit) or Gazza.

I just can't qwhite work out why it's different for Osaka.
I give you Marcus Trescothick, whose case caused one of Geoffrey Boycott's stopped clock / woke moments.
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