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Collapsed energy supplier Bulb Energy appears to have used its role advising ministers on green business to exaggerate its own environmental credentials, while playing down rivals’ progress.
Bulb’s chief executive, Hayden Wood, used a meeting of the Council for Sustainable Business (CSB), attended by key government officials and MPs, to highlight its green progress ahead of the Cop26 climate talks and boast about £4.5m it has donated to organisations fighting climate change.
Now he's picking our pockets with government blessing
Bulb this week became the biggest energy supplier casualty of the gas price spike, when it was taken over by the British government via a so-called “special administration”. That means the effective nationalisation of the company, which has 1.7m customers, and could cost the taxpayer more than £1.7bn over the winter, as the government underwrites its power purchases.

Wood, 38, who co-founded Bulb in 2015, is still running the company during the administration on a salary believed to be £113,000 – something that has stoked further controversy given that he was the architect of Bulb’s meteoric but heavily loss-making growth...

https://amp.theguardian.com/business/20 ... nst-rivals
For a party of fiscal responsibility they ain't arf free with taxpayers' money.
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