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My guess is that Patel is protecting Dick politically in return for the blind eye.

A guess but what else is on offer? Dick’s put the credibility of her organisation on the line to protect Johnson even when he’s caught with a smoking gun in hand. As a Tweeter observed its like a horror movie when the cops turn up but you discover they’re Satanists as well.
Dick has survived several crises and scandals that would have finished anyone else. Also, while the Met has endured cuts over the last 11 years, they've been leniently treated compared to regional forces.

My guess is that Patel wants her Singapore of the North, and wants the Met to be her corporate security force, keeping the scum out of the shiny areas. And directive 4 definitely in effect. And Dick is happy to play along as she gets to be all tough and hard, the odd bit of brutality gets swept under the carpet, and she gets a nice payoff.
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Andy McDandy wrote: Sat Dec 04, 2021 12:57 pm Dick has survived several crises and scandals that would have finished anyone else.
Jean Charles De Menezes should have finished her: however she is at least loyal -

The Metropolitan Police has said it does not routinely probe "retrospective breaches" of Covid laws amid calls for an investigation of a No 10 Christmas party held during 2020's restrictions.

See also: Daniel Morgan. If ever a police force needed disbanding and rebuilding from scratch, it's the Met (with GMP a close second).
Another two weeks of spreading it around before known liar announces measures which should have been implemented last week

Covid-19 rules for Christmas will be announced in next fortnight as Boris Johnson waits for Omicron data

https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/covid ... 336726/amp
Every other government in the world is trying to get on top of this. Our government needs more data.

Bye-bye Christmas
Even Trump couldn't be arsed with the War on Drugs as a battleground. Does Johnson really have a 10 year strategy? More like a 10 hour strategy on Monday to get him through the week. Where's the evidence recreational drug taking is a predominantly middle class pursuit; Annie Hall from 1976? County Lines sounds like another racist trope. One of many in the drugs war.
Middle-class drug users are to be targeted as part of a 10-year strategy to be announced by Boris Johnson’s government with a heavy focus on war-on-drugs-era punishment.

So-called “lifestyle” users of class A drugs face losing their passports or driving licences under proposals designed to target wealthy professionals who the government will argue are driving exploitative practices with their demand.

Police officers will be handed powers to go through drug dealers’ phones and contact their clients with warnings about drug use in a bid to spook them into changing their behaviour.

The government’s 10-year drugs strategy will be published on Monday with a heavy focus on targeting users and suppliers, including gangs behind the so-called county lines phenomenon, which often sees young, vulnerable people turned into cross-country mules. https://www.theguardian.com/society/202 ... sons-plans
Let's see whether parliamentary privilege applies to the latest round of the war on drugs.

https://metro.co.uk/2021/12/05/speaker- ... -15720021/

There'd be Karma seeing a bunch of former Bullingdons and unreformed Spartans being led away in shackles.
Though I've a hunch that some would enjoy the shackles as much as they enjoy the toot.
County Lines is just a term for sending dealers into market towns. It's not a phenomenon, it's not new.

This is just more stuff for Mrs Brady, terrified behind her net curtains of the nasty world outside, but it's all OK because there's that nice Mr Johnson promising to get tough with the layabouts.
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