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Actually there are a number of similarities to Assange.

I've read interviews with both of their mothers, and it seems that they have spent their lives being told they are 'special' and way beyond the little people. On another level where they are almost worshipped.

I'm not enough of a psychologist to unpack that, but it does seem to lead to incredible levels of narcissism.

Both are unable to accept any form of criticism, which they perceive as rejection. They reply with an assertion of their superiority. Neither seems to believe that normal societal rules apply to them. They are literally above the masses.

Alexander Johnson is similar, but in his case the perpetrator was his father, which I suspect makes things a great deal more complicated.
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By Andy McDandy
Apocryphal story:

Defendant: as God is my judge, I'm innocent!
Judge: he's not, I am, you aren't, ten years.
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By Andy McDandy
Johnson has pitched his entire leadership style as not caring for convention, and "just getting on with it". Quite clever in a short term way - after all, how many people have complained at one point or other that the government (or council, or any organisation) "just stop mucking about and get something done"?

The thing is that while they've all embraced this cavalier attitude, that means that they all have to hang in together, or hang separately. One loose cannon ex-minister on the back benches could spread some serious shit about goings-on in the corridors of power. And they could mount a leadership challenge. So you get an omerta at the very top.
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By Crabcakes
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... y-hopeless

I think the problem is, he's not saying anything we don't already suspect as being true. No defence of Johnson, but people slag off colleagues all the time in any workplace.

This alone isn't much. What will be damning - and really show if Cummings has something worth sharing - is if he's got messages showing ministers/Johnson directly contradicting what they said in public at the time, or something absurdly callous like "send old folks to homes and let them die, they're too decrepit to vote for us".
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By Samanfur
As a friend of mine was saying elsewhere: if Johnson was calling Hancock that in private whilst continuing to keep him in the job and express full confidence in him in public, what does that make Johnson?

The problem is that we know what that makes Johnson, we've known for years, and very few people with power and/or influence appear to care.
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By Oblomov
satnav wrote: Wed Jun 16, 2021 8:22 pm I don't think that Cummings will damage Johnson too much but I think the real damage will come when the pandemic is over and the likes of Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance step down from their roles and start to spill the beans.
Will that have much effect though? I know a few people for whom Whitty is a totem of draconian oppression e.g. "That baldy bawbag bastard told me I couldn't hug my gran at Christmas!"
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