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This Peronist alliance is a high risk strategy for the Tories. They would have gone for this years ago but would have gone down like cold sick with southern centre right voters (more economically and/or socially liberal). Corbyn made this opportunity possible and now he’s gone.

The themes in Starmer’s reply today didn’t sound much different to Corbyn. Ending child poverty is one of Labour’s historic missions in office. But to the voters we have to woo its Labour giving more of their money to layabouts on the Jeremy Kyle Show.
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By Boiler
A gift that just keeps on giving?


Downing Street is seeking to cancel a county court judgment against Prime Minister Boris Johnson that cites an unpaid bill of £535.

The order was made against Mr Johnson, of 10 Downing Street, on 26 October, according to a judgment database.

The creditor and nature of the debt, which was first reported by Private Eye magazine, is not yet known.
Appears that with attention all on Dave, Johnson's CCJ has been struck off. Who'd a thunk it?
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I'm no lawyer but there's a fuckton of wriggle room, and some commas doing some very heavy lifting in that legislation.
Listening to Captain Fuckup blustering and bullshitting his way through another press conference and hearing the subsequent comments from those who know what they're talking about, when are people going to finally come to their fucking senses over this complete, total and utter idiot?
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