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Boiler wrote:Yep: that statement has lit the blue touch paper on an anxiety forum I read. One individual said

"I seen [sic] 80,000 dead over the summer"

He's not responded to a challenge where he's seen that figure but it's out there.
The online media's determination to get clicks has led to a lot of cherry-picking of sentences from interviews the last couple of days. The Sky News website is arguably the worst. Sentences are isolated and made into alarmist headlines . Whether it's a medical professional or politician, if they say they think the variant is likely to be more transmissible but then add that it is unlikely to cause serious illness or hospitalisation for those who have been vaccinated, as someone said yesterday (forget who), then only the first part about transmission is headlined. I'm not arguing for everything in the garden to always be painted rosy but I would like a bit less alarmist sensationalism and more context in headlines. I'm not going to get it though. Clicks rule over everything online.
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By Samanfur
This seems to've gotten mostly overlooked in the reporting about the Downing Street flat.

But Hancock's doing an important job, so never mind. Right?

Matt Hancock: Report says minor breach of rules over stake in firm

Matt Hancock was guilty of a "minor technical breach of the ministerial code" after initially failing to declare his stake in an NHS supplier.

Lord Geidt - the PM's adviser on ministerial interests - also said the health secretary had acted promptly to correct the record.

Although there had been no conflict of interest, he said there was a "danger" it could have looked like one.

The PM said Mr Hancock's good name had not been damaged by the incident.

And he would not be taking "any further action" in relation to the matter, he added.
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By Bones McCoy
I am sick of journalists and phone-in wankers assuring me "He's trying his best" - whether Hancock or Johnson.

"He's trying his best" is a complement for the SEN kid in the class, it isn't at all complementary when we're discussing people at the top tier of national government.
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