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By Youngian
Bloody hope so.
The Owen Paterson scandal is the beginning of the end for Jacob Rees-Mogg

Tory knives are sharpening for a leader of the house who has lost all credibility.

The Sun alleges Rees-Mogg then told Boris Johnson the sieve-like plan was “watertight”. Yet once floated, it sank almost instantly, taking Tory credibility and poll ratings down with it.

The leader column of the Times, which has moved closer to Johnson’s government in recent months, today excoriates Rees-Mogg. “The greatest culpability lies with those who orchestrated this assault on the integrity of the political system,” it says, castigating him for his “effort to establish a sham committee.” Given that his father William was editor of the paper from 1967 to 1981 and later spent nearly 20 years as one of its columnists, this should provide a deeply shaming moment of reflection for Jacob. It will not. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/jacob- ... n-scandal/
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By Crabcakes
Mogg inexplicably thinks himself superior to more or less everyone. Hence the u-turn was delivered as if it were a lecture about the govt. having to change tack because everyone was too stupid to understand it wasn't a fudge job, rather than anything even remotely conciliatory which may have calmed things down a bit (or at least made the lie that it wasn't a fudge job but a misunderstanding easier to pass).

The problem for Mogg is, the group of people who were "too stupid" contained a considerable number of Tory MPs, and now his boss doesn't like him because he's made him look not only bad, but weak.
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By Andy McDandy
As I've said before, he's stuck in the mindset of his days as a prefect at Eton. Ever so pleased that he's got privileged access, and can upbraid people over breaking of arcane rules.
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