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By visage
Malcolm Armsteen wrote: Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:35 am Where is he? Answers on a postcard...

Is he on hidden manouvres?
Is he in rehab?
Has he been caught playing away?*
Has he had a breakdown?
Has he discovered shame?

*When I suggested this to Mrs A she made a noise like a cat bringing up a hairball.
Definitely not the second option, according to an eyewitness I know.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
Interesting bit in the latest Popbitch email:
>> A house divided? <<
What's happening in Westminster?

There's already a pretty hefty amount of sleaze and suspicion sloshing around Westminster at the minute, and it seems as though Fleet Street may have a new story to toss into the trough too. Lobby hacks were asking some rather pointed questions about rumoured ministerial use of a grace-and-favour flat in Admiralty Arch at a briefing this week.

Though details were sparse, it's unlikely to relate to the Johnson/Arcuri affair that's back in the news – because the shagging in that took place at their own residences. It's unlikely to be connected to any of David Cameron's recent lobbying efforts either – as he's no longer a minister.

So who could it be? And could this have anything to do with the persistent Westminster rumour that there's been a rift in the once unshakeable Gove-Vine union?
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