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Youngian wrote: Tue May 11, 2021 7:26 pm
Andy McDandy wrote: Tue May 11, 2021 4:39 pm I imagine a few long term councillors would be a bit miffed at that.

This is more of the clearing out of the old guard and replacing them with kids or noobs who can be counted on to take orders.
Seriously warming to this progressive alliance approach if Johnson makes a dash to accrue more power. And I don’t mind respected sane former Tories standing as Martin Bell single candidate type independents if that is the best shot to dislodge these arseholes.
Should have been working on this as soon as the Con / Dem alliance crumbled.
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"Widely regarded...", hmm. This absolute toilet has secured multiple convictions for holocaust denial and the belittling of Nazi crimes. Regarded = Convicted.

I am not a shrink but the guy seems to me to absolutely barking. Nonetheless, he'd love a final pay-day from the Koch and Mercer cabal for a tour of any university forced to have him.
As many have pointed out, the examples of "censorship" cited in the papers this week are not exactly the thought police.

Bunch of lecturers sign an open letter objecting to someone speaking on campus. Speech was not cancelled.

University staff and owners of a university building agree to rename it.

Holocaust deniers and neo-nazi punks don't come onto campus to debate, but to recruit. Freedom of speech is being taken to mean immunity from criticism. If people feel "chilled" by the reaction of their colleagues to their opinions, maybe they should consider their opinions and the possibility that they might be arseholes.

In the case of academics, how do these fuckers cope with peer review?
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