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By Malcolm Armsteen
Dom Rabid has sPoke hIs brAnes to the Torygraph, and if this assessment of what he has said is correct it is both very, very worrying and extremely fascistic - making judicial decisions subordinate to ministerial wishes.

Prof Mark Elliott explains:

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By Cyclist
Youngian wrote: Sun Oct 17, 2021 3:49 pm
Justice Secretary proposes to enable ministers to 'correct' court judgments that they consider 'incorrect'.

Does Raab have any self-awareness as to why this language (associated with Robespierre or Stalin) is deeply sinister and problematic? Why does he want this power?
It's what I said before. These people are not Conservatives, they are fascists.
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By Nigredo

An end to human rights? Dominic Raab is on record saying, “I don’t support the Human Rights Act and I don’t believe in economic and social rights.” UK law enshrining the European Convention on Human Rights may be set to end.
By Youngian
This is a good idea from Raab but the temptation is high to wind him up. Raab the liberal do-gooder rewarding criminals to replace law abiding workers
Ex-convicts could help plug staff shortages in London’s pubs and restaurants in the run-up to Christmas, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said on Friday.

Mr Raab told the Standard: “Hospitality has been hit hard by coronavirus, with many staff changing careers and businesses now looking to fill jobs.

“Giving an ex-offender a second chance can be win win for them and their employer,” Mr Raab added. “Business owners have told me ex-offenders are among the most reliable and motivated workers in their team – they have a desire to prove themselves trustworthy and they have something to lose.” https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/domi ... 1634899664
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