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Dunno why I'm bothering to post this. Just normal Tory behaviour, after all.

A Conservative local election candidate has been suspended by the party after the BBC uncovered a tweet in which he endorsed the views of Tommy Robinson.

Stephen Chadwick said the English Defence League founder had been "talking complete and utter sense" about "Islamic problems".

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-m ... e-56947912
We have one of those around here, as well.

He quit the party in 2018, when his rather public views were highlighted. The party then claimed that they couldn't do anything about him, because he quit.

This year, not only had he been allowed back into the party at some point, but he'd been selected to stand as a district councillor.

Of course, the Tories only stopped sitting on their hands and suspended him when the CLP got local and national press and Hope Not Hate involved. It was too late to keep him off the ballot, though.
Speaking as someone who attends the Blackburn campaign meetings: look up some of his older videos, from his time as an independent.

I'm just heading to bed, but if you can't find any, I'll post some after work tomorrow.
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