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Pushed before he could jump, it would seem...

Defence minister Johnny Mercer dismissed from government
Junior minister had indicated he was preparing to quit over concerns about prosecutions of Northern Ireland veterans

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... -resigning
I'm not sure. Plenty of anger from the grassroots and the fringe media, but not from the heavyweight media. Labour need to head up coordinated response and an united front with other opposition parties. Let;s see how things go at 12.00 today.

Local elections in England don't really matter in the grand scheme, but will be taken as a bellwether. The problem here is as much from the left as from the right. Labour gains will need to be massive, Tory losses catastrophic. Anything else will be painted as a narrow escape for Johnson, humiliation for Starmer.
I can't remember exactly what Oliver Dowden was questioned about on Today this morning but he whined that it was unreasonable to get him to pass comment because he was too busy saving football in this country.

The snivelling shitestain :roll:
RedSparrows wrote: Wed Apr 21, 2021 10:38 am What do we think of this current sleaze season then? How bad is it for the fuckers?
It's becoming apparent that Keir is trying to do too much by himself.
What's lacking is the image of a tight knit frontbench who can tag-team all these "Bad Tories" messages and keep then on the airwaves.
This might reflect genuine party division, or just his preferred working style.
I think it needs addressing as it's damaging his effectiveness.

Contrast with Johnson, who always has another schmuck to send out on bad news day.
Perhaps he thinks he needs to be a constant public public presence due to Allotment Jesus hiding for most of the Brexit bullshit?

It is a little weird that most of the critical comment has been made by Starmer (and occasionally Jess Phillips), it makes the shadow front bench seem non-existent and Starmer seem to be flip-flopping and a persistent gadfly on the news.
He is inexperienced compared to Liz (Truss). He needs to show that he can play at this level.
No, groovers - I honestly didn't make that up. Somebody, somewhere actually said this. :lol:

‘Bizarre’ UK comments about Australia’s trade minister a ‘serious setback’ to talks
Allies of UK trade secretary Liz Truss accused of launching an ‘unprovoked attack’ on Dan Tehan on the eve of their meeting

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-n ... k-to-talks
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Australians famously like being patronized by the British like that. We might as well give the job to Douglas Jardine.

Her counterpart isn't at all inexperienced.
Tehan worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 1995 to 1998 and then was a member of the diplomatic service from 1999 to 2001.[1] He was posted to Mexico City and was also involved with Central America and Cuba.[3] In 2002 he was seconded to the office of Trade Minister Mark Vaile. When Vaile became deputy prime minister in 2005 Tehan remained with him as a senior adviser. He later served as chief of staff to Fran Bailey, the Minister for Small Business and Tourism. After the defeat of the Howard Government, he served as director of trade policy and international affairs with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2007–2008) and deputy state director of the Liberal Party in Victoria (2008–2009).[1]
While he was doing that little lot, this is what Truss was doing.
After graduating in 1996, Truss worked for Shell as a commercial manager and Cable & Wireless as economics director, and became a qualified management accountant.[14]

After losing her first two elections, Truss became the full-time deputy director of Reform in January 2008
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