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By Youngian
Malcolm Armsteen wrote: Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:10 am Leader of Hr Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

Is he really doing as badly as the Corbynites claim?
Blair is a bit socially awkward in private and Harold Wilson was even more so (a dull statician) by all accounts but they learned the theatre of leadership that comes naturally to a malignant clown like Johnson. I wish being a stable talented leader you can trust was enough but as Brown found to his cost it isn’t.
Keir is the least of Labour’s problems but he’s the captain and if the party’s approval ratings don’t rise when his do, that’s still on him.

Because of Covid, Starmer hasn’t played his cards yet to introduce himself to the public. Last time I looked over 30 percent still didn’t know anything about him.
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By The Weeping Angel
Liverpool Wavertree CLP the same CLP that bullied Luciana Berger.

https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/polit ... JUlTEBw8qw
A constituency in Liverpool has become the first to vote through a no-confidence motion in Sir Keir Starmer following heavy losses in the local elections.

Polling released today shows the Conservatives have opened up an eye-watering 15 point lead over Labour, with Boris Johnson also seeing his popularity improve.

YouGov’s latest polling puts the Tories on 45 per cent, two points up on last week when local elections saw the party sweep up across councils and take the Hartlepool by-election.

Labour lost control of eight councils and shed some 326 councillors all told in the elections.
By kettle
https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/26/keir-sta ... op.twitter

Not sure what he's thinking here. His options are either

a) "nah, drugs weren't for me"
b) "yeah, did some weed when I was a teen, not now"

Instead Starmer's chronic inability to act like a human has created a headline where no other Labour leader would've made one. I can't decide if he's not sure how the answer would be focused group, or if he's been doing Charlie whilst locking people up for possession.
By Youngian
Keir Starmer appearing on Piers Morgan's Life Stories is a chance to read feedback from non-politicos. Which was very positive from what I read among people who didn't really know him before. They got him as a sincere and decent man who didn't get where he was by being a fucking idiot. The juxtaposition between him and Johnson couldn't be more stark.
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