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By Bones McCoy
Andy McDandy wrote: Fri Oct 15, 2021 8:16 am And that's the problem. Everyone's terrified of being caught on the hop. Hence endless programming in case something happens.
Back in the old days there was this thing:
We interrupt this program to bring you news of ...
It worked for Nixon's resignation, the Invasion of Grenada, 9/11 and the Falklands.

Quick newsflash, longer if the situation is developing live.
All beef, no fat, report what's known, then return to Blue Peter until next development or the scheduled news at six/ten etc.
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By Watchman
I may be wrong here, but was it Murdoch who introduced rolling news? And we all know it wasn’t to simply keep us informed
By Oboogie
Ironic that the discussion about rolling news happened today. At about 12.30pm Twitter told me that a Tory MP had been stabbed and I instinctively hit BBC24 for the details and it remained on in the background for about two hours until the tragic news that he'd died, they had very little to report and were desperately filling time. It could so easily have been an old school news flash with a reminder of the time of the next bulletin. And that's a really big breaking news story.
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