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By Malcolm Armsteen
MailOnline has done it again, naming the victim in a rape case.

Associated Newspapers pays damages for revealing Sand Van Roy as Luc Besson accuser
MailOnline published actor’s identity as complainant in rape case against French director

MailOnline published an article identifying her as Besson’s accuser; the organisation published two further pieces on the subject. Besson strongly denies Van Roy’s allegations.

Associated Newspapers accepted that the publication by MailOnline of Van Roy’s identity as a complainant in a rape case caused her great distress and has agreed to pay legal costs as well as damages, in addition to offering an unreserved apology, also posted on its website. ... on-accuser
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By Malcolm Armsteen
Tommeh Robinson-Waxey-Lemon has lost his libel case against the teenager he accused of assaulting girls at school. ... -schoolboy ... 47185.html

£100k damages, plus costs, although he represented himself, so costs are reduced.

Waxey-Lemon was claiming to be a journalist and 'only reporting what I was told.'

Someone ought to put him out of our misery.
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By Watchman
#6878 ... r-shooting

He has the nerve to consider himself an “investigative journalist”
By MisterMuncher
Malcolm Armsteen wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 2:34 pm
£100k damages, plus costs, although he represented himself, so costs are reduced.

You get what you pay for in this life.
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By Watchman
I guess he didn’t quite work out! A few years ago he was seen as a useful idiot to stir up the knuckle boys, but could be manipulated at arms length, trouble is he thought he was more important than he was, flew too near the sun and the money men decided that he was useless
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