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It's why libertarianism is an utterly useless philosophy as a social phenomenon, irrespective of the (specious) philosophical underpinnings.

Either you're not rich and you believe in it because, frankly, you can't be arsed/are incapable of thinking about things beyond immediate appearances
Or you're so super rich you believe in it because you can actually build your own island with blackjack and hookers

Hardly the basis for a sensible world.

And NOBODY has EVER answered the question, to my mind, of why someone's liberty can be shat on by someone else because that person is 'stronger'. Why one person's desire for a libertarian hellhole should somehow override others for... uh, anything else.

Hell, Nietzsche's whole shtick rests on the contradiction that the 'weak' overpowered the 'strong'.

Double-post: David Runciman writes in the current LRB on a book about Peter Thiel, gargantuan (and very rich) cockwomble. Runciman makes the very interesting point that for all the liberatrian chatter of people like Thiel, their modus operandi is to get state contracts. That's where the money is. It's not necessarily hypocritical, but it - and other things, like the whole internet's state origins, for instance - does show yet again that 'libertarianism' of this kind is a wooly bit of window-dressing on the ability of a handful of people to make bank off the back of a world fundamentally built on states.
Andy McDandy wrote: Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:15 am
Or maybe I'm over-complicating things and the basic reality is that we've somehow created a society in which instant gratification is the only thing that matters, and fuck anyone in my way.
That, and certain institutes of society get taken for granted just because they've always been there and it is presumed they always will be.

How many people were out banging pots and pans for the NHS every Thursday last summer then dove straight into pubs the moment they reopened, to wind up in A&E either needing stomach pumps or tending to wounds from a completely avoidable punch up with strangers?
As I've said at work a few times: the 99% of the time that a service is working well, there'll be no feedback, because people take for granted that certain services will always be there, and're simply supposed to work.

But for that 1% of the time that things don't work, people will holler to high heaven.

The same people will inevitably be very confused and saddened when services're suddenly withdrawn, despite having never told The Powers That Be how appreciated they are, or how any flaws could be improved.
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Andy McDandy wrote: Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:15 amAlso, something I've noticed over the years from the "PC gornmaaad" brigade is the belief that if only The Caahncil would stop tellin' us what to do, everything would be fine and harmonious. That by defining racism, society creates racial tension. That by supplying a grievance procedure, it encourages vexatious whingeing. That any conflict in society is in effect a protest at being told how to behave.
This kind of person is, of course, hankering after the wrong thing. It’s always been wrong to be racist, just like it’s always been possible to have a grievance and attempt to take action for it.

What they mourn and want back is the lack of consequence such actions used to have. Freedom not to be bombarded by woke requests to respect people’s pronouns, but to make casually racist jokes and have people laugh politely. Freedom to run a company with few concerns for the safety of your employees. Freedom to smoke in people’s faces, pinch women’s bums and openly sneer at gay couples.

What bothers them is people demanding the right not to be bothered by their laziness - and being granted that right.
mattomac wrote: Thu Sep 23, 2021 7:06 pm “Minister for London” (yeah I’m not sure why either) was on the television before telling us we must expect higher energy bills for a period (not sure what period he was expecting) but I assume months if not years.
It sounds a little like their "March through the institutions".
Of course London has a Mayor, but the Mayor's not one of us.
So we create an overlapping role in a higher echelon of government, put our guy in.
We can then interfere when we fancy, but blame Khaaaaaan!! for the fuck ups.

See also BBC, their guys at the top, but anything wrong and the tweets storm's all about "The Boy Line-Acre".
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