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By Andy McDandy
Oh, if only. Given that their reaction to Looza Fox weighing in on Fairytale of New York's lyrics was to rip him a new one and tell him to stay the fuck out, I'd love something similar to befall Dickie.
By MisterMuncher
Pretty sure it's the Ireland of hugely interwoven and interconnected cross-border business and lifestyles doing the talking here. An Ireland that includes a hell of a lot of unionist people, and he maybe wants to look beyond DUP and TUV heat to see what business people and the general populace actually want.

A quick hint: if the Brexit vote is indicative of sectarian lines, it's past time for the oul Border Poll. Be the hokey, bollix and begorrah. Ye cunt.
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By Andy McDandy
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... ctory.html

Is the penny beginning to drop for Dickie?
We're now coming to terms with what every single one of Boris's wives, lovers and political colleagues has had to learn the hard way — that this Prime Minister's word isn't worth the paper it's not written on.
But it's mostly the usual suspects - scientists, furloughed people, the caahncil, and clever bastards who work with computers.
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By Andy McDandy
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... -Hate.html

In which Dickie compares companies pulling adverts from GB News to businesses paying off the mob, and moans at length that organisations such as Stonewall are just too damn successful. Then he has another moan, this time about how Bozza's all pussy whipped and it's all Carrie's fault and it's the wimmin mate stop doin' me 'ead in...
By satnav
Dickie is vehemently opposed to consumer boycotts but he has decided not to renew his Spurs season ticket in protest at players taking a knee. It would be really funny if Spurs called him out on this and revealed that he has not actually had a season ticket for years.
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By Bones McCoy
Youngian wrote: Fri Jun 18, 2021 12:06 pm This ‘Bozo has gone all woke under Carrie’s influence’ seems to be cropping up a lot. As long as it damages him with the wankers who vote for him, who cares?
That would be Carrie the senior Conservative activist.
Friend of such wokeists as Guido Fawkes.
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