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By Oboogie
Jess Phillips' 'crimes' are many and varied (and fictional) but the most commonly cited one is that 'she threatened to stab Jeremy'. Apparently that has equivalence to Claudia Webbe threatening to throw acid in the face of a woman her paranoia led her to believe was having an affair with her partner.
Andy Burnham’s doing his Monty Python Yorkshireman act again and forgot he’s the mayor of a metropolis with the country’s most extensive urban tram network. Andy would be better off pitching off himself as ‘Champion of the West’ as its East-West routes in the south and north that are shambolic.
Mentioned this on Burnham's own thread. Boiler pointed out that Kings Cross to Welwyn is more expensive than that ticket of Burnham's and less far.

I note Andy has some new lefty friends, like this former Corbynite MP who is all over the real issues. I'm surprised she had a long and successful career in education before she was an MP. Immaturing with age?

When are we getting buses in Herefordshire like you get in Manchester, Andy? That's not a dig at Manchester, by the way. We just want the nice things that you have. And this is how we're treated when we speak up!

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